We book on a first come, first paid deposit basis. Your date and order are unconfirmed, and available to others, until we have received a deposit & the order is not complete until deposit/payment has been made.  50% deposit is required in order to place the order, the remaining 50% will be paid upon pick-up of the special order cake/cupcakes. In the event customer cancels, customer forfeits deposit. Orders placed late, not within the ordering timeline, will be charged a 15% fee for a rush order.

Ordering Timeline:

Special orders for cupcakes must be placed and 50% deposit paid for 2 business days prior. The remaining 50% will be paid upon pick-up.

Specialty cake orders must be placed and deposit paid at least 3 business days prior to the pick-up date and are based on availability only. The remaining 50% will be paid upon pick-up.


Wedding Orders must be placed and paid for 2 weeks prior to ensure your order is ready for your big day. Wedding cakes are subject to surcharge according to the design or flavors. Orders placed late, not within the ordering timeline, will be charged a 15% fee for a rush order.

Decor & Flavors:

Icing on cake is Buttercream/Cream cheese & base price includes basic décor and ONLY 2 colors for cakes. Fondant Pricing is up-charged dependent upon décor requested. Additional colors, designs, flavors, or changes are subject to a surcharge. *Minimum of 12 cupcakes for specialty flavors.  Minis only come in quantities of 12’s.

Gluten conscious cupcakes are subject to surcharges & fees.

Our price quotes/estimates are subject to adjustment, and are valid for 30 days. Pick-up and delivery are only available during regular business hours.


Special orders for Cake/cupcake orders must have 50% deposit paid when placing the order the remaining 50% will be paid upon pick-up of the cake/cupcakes.

Smallcakes employees work hard to ensure your order is accurate and you are happy with your purchase. Please be sure to include specifics with any order. i.e.: party theme color, recipients favorite color, shades of the color, (we will try our best to match the colors, but oxygenation may change icing colors). Wedding orders must be placed in advance with the 50% deposit paid and final balance paid 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.


In order to schedule your cake or cupcakes on your event date, a 50% non- refundable deposit is required. Without the deposit, we will not hold your date. We do get booked quickly, so please plan accordingly. Priority will be given to the paying customer. For weddings, please place your order as soon as possible; all final payments are due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Refunds are not provided for any reason. Due to our full schedule and our attention to detail we spend many hours planning and preparing before even beginning on all special orders. Once you leave the bakery with ANY product, you are accepting it as an approved item. Smallcakes is NOT responsible for any damages incurred to the product once it leaves our store as it is out of our control. If you contact us immediately, and it is during regular business hours, we will do our best to assist you in repairing the product however, there will be no refund and repairs may incur an additional charge.


Smallcakes will not provide a wedding cake when sheet cakes, cupcakes, grooms cakes, cheesecakes or cake pops are provided by any other baker without our permission. We have a reputation to maintain of having beautiful and delicious cakes and it would unfair for your guests to assume another baker’s cake was our cake. The cake provided by our company will be removed from the venue if another cake as stated above is served at your event. This is to ensure cakes/cupcakes provided by another baker that serves contaminated food which results in injury or illness is not associated with our company.


Any cake placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. We are not liable for a cake or cupcakes once it has been delivered or picked up. We suggest cakes be placed in cool and dry environment with temperatures below 72 degrees to decrease the chances of melting or deforming.


The cost of delivery for wedding venues is $0.55/per mile between the event and the bakery. The distance will be determined by the shortest distance as calculated by There is a minimum delivery fee of $25 and $50 for set-up. We suggest cakes be placed in cool and dry environment with temperatures below 72 degrees to decrease the chances of melting or deforming.


If you choose to pick up your cake or cupcakes and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible for the cake/cupcakes once it has left the bakery. You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily, drive carefully and slowly.Multi tiered cakes, ie. “Tiered Cakes” are to be handled with the utmost care! When picking up any cake it is required that it is located in an already cool vehicle, at least 72 degrees, and on a flat surface (NOT on the car seat where the cake will be leaning). It is also recommended that some sort of skid resistant material be used to keep the cake box from sliding when traveling. Use extreme CAUTION when driving. Stopping short will cause the cake to slide and could possibly result in the cake coming apart. If the cake is not going to be served soon upon delivery it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the cake be refrigerated to help prevent any issues and coming apart. Fondant and special coloring are not included in this advice. Fondant will become tacky if it comes in contact with moisture and special colors may run, fade, or darken if it comes in contact with moisture.


Wedding and custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify. Our cake serving size is 1” x 2”. If you are serving larger slices of cake and run out, we are not responsible to provide additional cake.


***Any items purchased on the same date, ie: cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, cake slices, etc. are not refundable.

We take pride in our desserts and cakes. If you are unhappy with your order and/or purchase, immediately notify us while in our store of your concern. This is why Smallcakes recommends the pickup party have knowledge of order they are picking up. We will do anything in our power to rectify your order and have a happy client, however, some issues cannot be fixed. If the issue is a design flaw, in most cases, Smallcakes staff can and will accommodate. WE CANNOT FIX THE PROBLEM ONCE YOU GET HOME. If there is a problem with your order, caused by our staff, Smallcakes management will decide if a store credit is necessary. For instance, if you feel our cake is too moist/dry and ‘nobody could eat it,’ we require you to bring back the entire uneaten portion of the cake so we may inspect it. As talented as we may be, sometimes mistakes happen (we are human after all). **Smallcakes does not issue full refunds for any reason.** We may give you credit for the amount deemed appropriate for use toward a future purchase, dependent upon the findings of the investigation. All refunds will be provided as an in-store credit, i.e. Smallcakes Gift certificate within five (5) business days upon receipt of the returned merchandise.Special orders/over the phone orders that are not picked up will NOT be refunded. Special orders not picked up at the time specified will have until close of business the day of the specified pick-up date. If the items are not picked up on the correct date, there will be no refunds and items will not be remade.

These store policies can be found online at Please sign the special order form indicating you have read, understand, and agree to the store policies.